Our Volunteers

Derek Colanduno

Derek Colanduno – Track Director

Derek Colanduno is a computer programmer, sometimes 3-D graphic artist, and almost full time nerd for most things Sci-Fi/Fantasy. He has been on the internet since it was still called ‘ARPANet‘. Derek’s first year at Dragon*Con was 1994, by chance/luck he got a job which moved him to the Atlanta area so he can fulfill his destiny to become a track director for the Dragon*Con Skeptrack. Since he is also the co-host and producer of Skepticality, the official radio show/podcast of Skeptic Magazine, it made too much sense for him to bring the doubt to theDragon*Con party.

Robynn “Swoopy” McCarthy – Second In Charge

Once upon a time, Swoopy was in charge of the Podcasting Track at Dragon Con. Due to the evil nature of the universe, she found herself without the time to dedicate to being a Director. So, she now works as the 2nd. in charge at Skeptrack.

Mykel Alvis – Track Muscle

Mykel is a computer programmer, maker, and gamer, in a past life he was a ass-kicking martial artist, and ballet dancer. He now gets his geeky kicks out once a year helping out at Skeptrack.

Mark Ditsler – Track A/V Club

Mark Ditsler is the owner of AbruptMedia, LLC, an advanced media company specializing in online delivery of content and is focused on bringing scientific literacy to the general public..  AbruptMedia has provided the audio and video support for Skeptrack track room over the past three years, and is providing the live streaming capability for Skeptrack 2011.  AbruptMedia also provides A/V support for the Atlanta Skeptic’s Star Party, and the monthly meetups of the Atlanta Skeptics and Atlanta Science Tavern.  Mark is also founding member of the Independent Investigation Group of Atlanta.  He has been a programmer for over thirty years and has also worked in computer graphics animation, live television and live theatre.  In his spare time, he enjoys studying theoretical physics and the human brain.

Shara “Joreth” Smith – Swiss Army Knife

I am an Atheist, I am Polyamorous, I work in the entertainment industry as a Camera Operator, a Stagehand, a Video and Lighting Technician, a Forklift Operator, a Boom Lift Operator, and a Spotlight Operator, and I am sex-positive. I am opinionated and aggressive and passionate and I care deeply about humanity and my fellow companions on this planet.

Cindy Mason Brown – Gap Filler

Cindy fell into co-running the Atlanta Skeptic local group. Then, she decided she needed to have some extra fun by working for the Dragon Con Skeptic track!

Tammy Stopher Adcock – Dreamer

Tammy once spent her spare time following Hunter S. Thompson around just to see if she could get wrapped up into one his amazing adventures.

After that didn’t seem to happen, she realized that Dragon Con is about as close to one of the crazy scenes that Thompson wrote about in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’.