Barbara A. Drescher

Barbara Drescher is a scientist and lecturer at California State University, Northridge studying perception, critical thinking, and attention. Her research into human responses to color has been recognized with several awards and the findings discussed in “Psychology Today”. Barbara was a National Science Foundation Fellow and a Phi Kappa Phi Scholar. She develops material and text for teaching statistics, research methods, general and cognitive psychology, and critical thinking. Her demonstrations have been recognized for excellence by Psi Chi, Western Psychological Association, and the Council for the Teaching of Undergraduate Psychology. Barbara’s discoveries of the effects of expectation on visual attention were published in Psychological Sciences and her current work identifies impediments to optimal decision-making and reasoning with a focus on flexible thinking.

At ICBS, Barbara evaluates claims and promotes critical thinking and critical thinking education. She is a co-founder of the Critical Thinking Education Group (CTEG), which provides resources to teachers, parents, and science/skepticism activists. Presentations include invited talks, research reports, and panel discussions on topics from the psychology of illusion and myth to gambling behavior to pedagogy and other teaching challenges. She participated in several successful panels on the Science and Skeptic Tracks at Dragon*Con 2009.

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